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Jamie KlingmanStrategist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur

Melanie consistently gives her energy, knowledge, and compassion to any undertaking. She is an accomplished communicator, able to convey ideas and concepts through leading meetings, writing, and speaking. I would, without hesitation, recommend Melanie's guidance and services.

Karinda BarrettVice President, MGT Consulting

I can’t say enough about how amazing and professional Melanie is! She is the leader you want driving your team to new heights. She is the coach that will set you up for success as you strive for new challenges and she is a model to help you grow as a professional.

Jon DenglerFounder, Well Built City

Melanie is a force of nature! She has been a coach, mentor, an advocate, and a friend. Above all, Melanie’s vast experience in both for and non-profit sectors, as well as her overwhelming passion and energy make her an invaluable consultant & coach.

Thomas WatermanCo-Founder, Purpose Pioneers

Melanie brings a unique twist to the practice of self development that is intriguing. She captivated me and everyone in the room and kept me wanting more.

Jennifer Pastiloff Author, On Being Human

Having first met Melanie in 2016, I've watched her writing and influence multiply and flourish over the years. I am excited to support her consulting and professional development company InPursuit.

Allen ClaryAuthor, Plan Your Start

Melanie is on the forefront of social good in business, empowerment leadership, and the important alignment between life and career.

What We Can Do For You?

The path to success begins with having a clear destination. Let us help you or your organization design a roadmap to achieve success one step at a time.


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Strategic Planning

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Leadership Development

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Event Facilitation

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Leadership & Board Development Training

  • The InPursuit Team believes customized professional development is the best way to unlock your Board or staff's best talents and assets for the organization. Out of the box trainings or conferences can instill some great lessons but a customized leadership program goes one step further to truly ignite excitement and engagement from your Board or employees.

Strategic Planning

  • The InPursuit Team has designed a custom strategic planning method based on decades of experience with dozens of clients. This method provides the most meaningful, lasting impact on the organization by designing a strategic plan that is not only relevant but also fully contextualized.

Event Facilitation & Motivational Speaking

  • As experienced facilitators and event organizers, the InPursuit Team presents soul-provoking topics utilizing decades of education, facilitation and speaking experience to engage audiences in a multidimensional, interactive adventure. They electrify the in-person or virtual room with energetic passion and deep authenticity.

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