Group Workshops & Keynote Speeches

Human Centered Leadership

Using the InPursuit’s 3E Method of Change©, this workshop explores the importance and implementation of Human Centered Leadership. We believe that all organizations are innately human and the new normal, post-pandemic, multi-generational workplace, this style of leadership is critical to recruitment, engagement, and retention all leading to better ROI for your organization.

The Art and Science of Grants

Grant writing begins as a technical writing exercise and ends as a compelling story convincing reviewers on your cause. In this workshop we walk through a high-level overview of each stage in the grant making process from research to implementation.

Amplify Your Donor Impact through Storytelling

Storytelling is an art that holds power to engage audiences and inspire action. It is also the key to donor engagement. In this workshop we will discover the secret to articulating a story that connects with new audiences and loyal donors alike. From understanding how to read and focus your message on the intended audience to learning the key elements that make every story a story of impact; this hands-on workshop will leave you with a roadmap to use again and again.

Stress Less; A Road to Workplace Wellness

A well workplace can be the difference between simply surviving another day or thriving. In this workshop, we explore the notion of Mental Wealth, how you obtain it and how you leverage it in times of mental stress and challenge. Workplace wellness strikes a critical cord for individuals as well as organizations as a whole. 

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