InPursuit is a 501c3 coaching firm and online Academy with a social impact mission. Founded in 2009 as InPursuit Consulting and rebranded in 2017 as the InPursuit Research, we hold a singular mantra – change the world one person at a time, taking one step at a time.

InPursuit is the sponsor of the Becoming Congruent Movement. Our Movement is a group of passionate humans in search of our best lives.

We specialize in assisting executives and entrepreneurs live a life in perfect congruence with their purpose, dharma, or calling. A path where their talents and strengths align with their daily actions and chosen vocations. 

Every country, culture, and religion believes in this concept. Whether you call it dharma, God’s calling, inner purpose, ikigai, or raison d’etre,  we are all designed with a unique contribution to make on the world. A unique path we are meant to be on. 

Each of us has a Venn diagram of what we are good at and what we love to do. Finding that overlap and aligning our lives with that sweet spot is the key to fully living.

Only this alignment will allow us to be our best selves.

Only our best selves can give to others and the world in the way we were intended to. 

The Becoming Congruent Movement believes in massive imperfect action. We don’t have to move mountains all at once but together we can reshape the world, one tiny change at a time. 

Join us in the manner that works best for you – 1:1 coaching, online courses, books and written resources or speaking engagements.  We are here to help.

What are you InPursuit of?