The InPursuit Team has the capability to fulfill all of your organization’s administration and/or human resource needs at a significant cost savings compared to hiring a full time employee.

By enlisting the expertise of this team and partnership you will get the most up to date expertise on policies, best practices and risk management as well as hands on human resource leadership you are seeking.

  • Process excellence strategies are scaled to meet the needs of the department.
  • Customized HR policies consistently updated to reflect changing federal and state regulations.
  • Hiring, onboarding, corrective action and termination services including electronic records to ensure security and confidentiality.
  • Risk Management oversight and insurance policy review.

Need to recruit and retain the best and the brightest? Its critical to ensure your salary and benefits are meeting market value. 

Let the InPursuit Team run a detailed assessment 

  • National, regional and local salary and benefit comparisons
  • Hiring, onboarding, and bi-annual evaluation assessment to done-for-you 
  • Risk Management oversight and insurance policy review.

Are you getting the most out of your processes? When was the last time they were updated? Operational excellence is defined by excellence in processes and procedures, not just on paper, but in day-to-day realities.

Efficient processes reduce operating costs, saves time and improves overall customer satisfaction and brand image. InPursuit will help you successfully craft a culture of continuous process improvement across your organization. 

  • Conduct employee engagement to collect feedback about current processes 
  • Evaluate procedures that work well and build off existing success 
  • Share recommendations for updated processes 
  • Facilitate customized, hands-on professional development to outline updated processes
  • Empower employees to provide ongoing input to improve processes 
  • Tie process improvement strategies to organizational goals 
  • Evaluate process improvement tools and technology platforms for efficiency and effectiveness 

An extensive research study by Harvard Business School professors James Heskett and John Kotter found that companies with performance-enhancing cultures grew their revenues by 682%. Positive organizational culture boosts workforce engagement, job satisfaction, employee retention, and impact. But how do you really know if your culture is enhancing or crushing your organization’s performance? 

Improving your organizational culture starts with an authentic deep dive into the on-the-ground behaviors, perceptions, triumphs, and fears of your employees. InPursuit can offer a third party anonymous synthesis of these environmental elements that can give you a clear picture of your culture. From there we can collaborate with you to design an organizational improvement roadmap that capitalizes on the positive while overcoming the challenges.

Here is what you can expect from an InPursuit Organizational Culture Engagement:  

  • Analysis of organization-wide culture and detailed recommendations to enhance areas of need such as diversity and inclusion, remote workforce, and career pathing. 
  • Improve your overall culture by making inclusivity a top priority
  • Exclusive access to our Psychological Contract Assessment and personalized follow-up.
  • Annual performance review implementation as well as annual staff satisfaction survey.
  • Facilitation of customized professional development to engage both leaders and employees. 

If your operational needs require support across an entire team or department, InPursuit is equipped to step in. 

The InPursuit Team has the capability to fulfill all of your organization’s executive or program management needs with virtually no learning curve and at a significant cost savings compared to hiring a full time employee.

  • Leadership is provided across people and/or projects to fill gaps and build bandwidth.
  • Expertise and professional development is shared to promote continuous improvement.