Making a Living vs. Designing a Life

Are you making a living or living a life that you designed? What’s the difference? Making a living is about survival. It’s making enough money to live an average life. It’s having a marriage that you can tolerate. It’s muddling by.

Designing a life is about creation and choice. You consciously choose a life that’s tailored to your preferences. It might involve living in a mansion or living in a hut on a mountaintop. You might be married to your ideal partner or choose to live alone.

Those that are merely “making a living” are living the life that society considers to be average or normal. Those that design a life are choosing for themselves how they want to live and then making it happen.

Making a living is easy, but not very enjoyable. Designing a life is much more work, but much more satisfying.

The choice is yours.

Design the life you were meant to live:

  1. Put all reservations aside and make some choices. What is your dream life? Don’t be practical. Think about your ideal life in detail and write it down. Consider these ideas:
  • Where would you live?
  • Who else would be there?
  • What would your social circle look like?

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