Professional development is a critical tool to keeping employees engaged, excited and productive. Statistics show that the cost of employee turnover is up to 16% of the employee’s annual income. Out of the box trainings or conferences can instill some great lessons but a customized leadership program goes one step further to truly ignite excitement and engagement from your employees.

Having a customized professional development program brings a multitude of benefits to your organization including…

  • Increasing subject matter expertise across areas of focus to ensure employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their roles.
  • Staying on trend with current, relevant research findings that encourage ongoing learning.
  • Empowering leaders by identifying challenges and allowing space to proactively solving them.
  • Endearing employees to the organization by showing them their talents and voices are heard and valued.
  • Reducing turnover through authentic inclusivity and enhanced opportunities to generate employee engagement and excitement. 

The InPursuit Team customizes face to face, hybrid or virtual professional development workshops that address your organization’s specific challenges and aspirations. 

The InPursuit Management Training Program is targeted at early career leaders looking to perfect their management and communication skills, while amplifying their impact within and outside the organization. 

  • 12 Week Format. Although adjustable, this is the standard timeframe for group coaching and highest impact. The InPursuit Team will conduct weekly synchronous meetings to deeply engage staff in the curriculum as well as discuss workplace triumphs and challenges.
  • Customized Curriculum. Preparatory measures will be taken including a review of any trends in employee behavior challenges or turnovers as well as the implementation of a pre-survey specifically focused on gauging employee morale, productivity and workplace conflict, among other topics.
  • Expectation Alignment. The InPursuit team uses an assessment tool given to both managers and employees and gauges their psychological contract alignment. If there are vast differences in expectations, we can set up mitigating conversations that are shown to greatly improve morale and reduce turnover.
  • Extracurricular Engagement. The InPursuit Team will also set up a forum (slack, social media – whatever is the norm) where employees can post pictures/videos of their outside work from the weekly curriculum. Connecting in a fun way will make this feel more like a working escape and not an added burden.

Research estimates the US economy loses nearly $350 Billion a year from employee disengagement. Couple that with growing consumer pressures to show authentic social and community impact and you find the critical need for the InPursuit Workshop Series.

The InPursuit Team offers a unique specialty focusing on two areas: impact strategies and employee engagement through values alignment. InPursuit helps organizations create future strategies that align their actions with their organizational and employee’s values leading to greater engagement and productivity, not to mention the greatest authentic impact.

Virtual and Onsite workshops available ranging from 4 hour/half days to retreat style, multi-day emersion training.

Melanie’s On-Stage Style:

Melanie presents soul-provoking topics utilizing a combined thirty years of education, facilitation and speaking experience to engage audiences in a multidimensional, interactive adventure. She electrifies the in-person or virtual room with energetic passion and deep authenticity.

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