Leadership in the New Normal

Human-Centered Leadership with the 3E Method of Change©

Using the InPursuit copywritten method, this workshop explores the importance and implementation of Human Centered Leadership. We believe that all organizations are innately human and the new normal, post-pandemic, multi-generational workplace, this style of leadership is critical to recruitment, engagement, and retention all leading to better ROI for your organization. 

Understanding the Multi-Generational Workplace

Today’s workplace can be host to up to four generations of workers, each with their own expectations, value systems, and preconceived notions of work. This workshop highlights key differences in each generation’s typical communication styles, work place expectations and values, feedback needs and reward systems. We also touch on elements of Human Centered Leadership as a roadmap for bridging the gaps for a collaborative and productive workforce.  Understanding the idiosyncrasies of your workforce is key to building trust, engagement and retention.

Stress Less; Building a Roadmap to Workplace Wellness

A well workplace can be the difference between simply surviving another day or thriving. In this workshop, we explore the notion of Mental Wealth, how you obtain it and how you leverage it in times of mental stress and challenge. Workplace wellness strikes a critical cord for individuals as well as organizations as a whole. 

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