Ep. 7 The Power of the Founder Marriage with Kathryn Zambetti

Join the insightful and passionate Kathryn Zambetti and I as we discuss the entrepreneurial journey and how partnership counseling can save the business. 

Kathryn is a strategic Business Advisor and licensed Psychotherapist who applies her deep understanding of business development and human psychology to founding teams of early-stage ventures and c-suite executives. Prior to completing Columbia University’s MSW and MBA program, Kathryn received her undergraduate business degree from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and worked extensively with startups. As both a Founder/CEO and an Executive Advisor, Kathryn focused on early-stage companies ranging across multiple business sectors including technology, finance, real estate, blockchain, and fashion.

In these roles, she gained an intimate understanding of areas where psychology plays a pivotal role including the volatility and vulnerability of capital raises, the ramifications of hiring too fast and firing too slow, the transition from wearing every hat to entrusting and delegating powerful positions to new hires, how to creatively negotiate contracts and equity disbursements, developing a nimble business that can fluidly pivot based upon the nature of ever-changing competitive landscapes, and the layered interpersonal dynamics that arise between co-founders.

Simply put, Kathryn has been in her clients proverbial “shoes” and now, as a psychotherapist (LMSW), she has the unique combination of clinical expertise and business acumen to guide leadership through these critical moments in ways that preserve key relationships and empowers leaders to perform with the clarity of mind to hire, produce, and execute with optimal results.

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