Ep. 30 InPursuit of Our Why with Steffi August

Steffi August is the founder of Your Mindset Challenge – The Action Blueprint dedicated to supporting women over 40 to fulfil their potential and achieve extraordinary results, both professionally and personally.

Using 12 years coaching experience and 57 years life experience, cutting-edge tools, The Three Principles, and powerful Action Blueprint strategies, her clients start focusing on building new habits while challenging their Mindset. Creating winning strategies, her clients gain clarity, confidence and consistency to achieve self-mastery in their lives. They learn a new way how they think about themselves, how they think about their circumstances and change the way how they respond to challenges in life. Transforming challenges into opportunities are the norm, and results are guaranteed.

Steffi is known for being an energetic, determined and highly motivated individual. Known as The German Pocket Rocket and Self-Leadership Coach. Steffi inspires and challenges individuals and teams to dig deep inside themselves to unfold the keys to their real potential and breakthrough solutions to breakout. Passion, Belief & Determination is in her DNA, and her philosophy is, ‘long-term success is achieved by taking consistent small steps,’ and her motto is, ‘Every challenge in life is another opportunity. Never, ever, ever give up on yourself.’

Immigrating from East to West Germany before the wall came down and moving to NZ have been very challenging. Leaving a challenging relationship literally overnight, finding the love of her life, her soulmate was a life safer. Experiencing her husband, man of her dreams as killed in a tragic truck accident. She just survived for the last 3 years, started thriving again and found her spark and purpose in life. Now she’s passionate to help women 40+ to find their spar, their ultimate you again.

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