Ep. 17 Crushing Fear and Taking Action with Omar Medrano

Omar Medrano is a highly-successful entrepreneur and business coach for people who are ready to crush the fear that’s keeping them from their potential. Medrano became a serial franchise owner over the past two decades and after putting in the time, he’s become what his fans call “The Vacation CEO”, known as the expert in outsourcing and taking your time back, Medrano has become an example and mentor to many.

Medrano wants to help you shake up your approach to launching your next business, keeping your happiness and life in mind, as well as your bottom line, which he enjoys doing through books like this, online coaching and speaking regularly.

And when he’s not teaching business owners how to find clarity, conviction and faith in themselves, you can find him playing the stock market, working out and indulging in the occasional smoothie while parenting his incredible daughters.



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