Ep. 16 InPursuit of Healing & Hope with Joyce Aubrey

This week we take on a serious topic of trauma and healing. Note: This could be a trigger warning for anyone who has experienced sexual trauma.
Joyce Aubrey entered life on a small Kansas farm. Her education from a one-room school to University Degrees prepared her for careers of teaching, counseling, and retail store owner/manager. In mid-life, flashbacks to incest and family trafficking invaded her stable life.
Three years later, Joyce found herself divorced, unemployed, and exiled from birth family. In Colorado Springs she sought healing through traditional and alternative modalities. She shares her journey from trauma to triumph in an award-winning memoir: Beyond Aftershocks.
Process painting along with traditional and complementary healing modalities helped transform incest from a painful past to an empowered present as painted images revealed abuse that had been trapped in cellular memory.
Joyce founded and for more than a decade has led the non-profit: Finding Our Voices that empowers survivors of sexual violence through art workshops and other activities. As a motivational speaker, Joyce uses her art to advocate for support of survivors and for prevention of sexual violence. For fun she plays piano, writes prose and poetry, facilitates process painting…and she actually enjoys cooking her own healthy meals.
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