Ep. 14 InPursuit of Punching Up and Laughing Shamelessly with Dr. Cori Wong

The light and laughter that is Dr. Cori Wong is undeniable. This week’s episode inspires in a whole new way.

Dr. Cori Wong is a passionate speaker, writer, educator, and consultant with over 15 years of training and leadership experience related to intersectional feminism, antiracism, social justice, and inclusive culture change. Dr. Wong is committed to helping others develop necessary skills for creating more equitable and inclusive realities by clarifying how and why their leadership matters. With strengths in systems-thinking, vision, strategy, and facilitating difficult dialogues, she is a thought leader on how to connect everyday choices, behaviors, and practices to movements for systemic change. Her approach is rooted in feminist theory and liberatory praxis and fosters conditions for transformation by cultivating authentic relationships across differences. Values of love, creativity, and freedom inform the means and ends for her work, while support, truth-telling, care, humor, and playfulness are among the essential ingredients.

Dr. Wong developed concepts such as feminist friendship, positive philosophy, and honest confidence, and began publicly sharing her reflections through her own YouTube channel and blog over a decade ago. You can learn more by listening to her podcast, Meta Level Love, or read her writing on her Buy Me a Coffee page. She also just launched a substack newsletter that blends insights around dating and creating inclusive workplaces called, Working Relationships. Over the years, her work has been featured in TEDx talks, journals, independent presses, podcasts and Oprah’s Spring 2021 Issue of O Quarterly Magazine.

Prior to launching Positive Philosophy Consulting, Dr. Wong led diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at Colorado State University. She earned a dual-title PhD in Philosophy and Women’s Studies from the Pennsylvania State University and a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Colorado State University.

More of Cori’s work can be found across many platforms!

Cori’s Website and Blog: coriwong.com

Working Relationships Newsletter: workingrelationships.substack.com

More Personal Writing on Buy Me a Coffee: www.buymeacoffee.com/coriwong

Meta Level Love Podcast: anchor.fm/coriwong

Cori’s YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/coriwong

Positive Philosophy Consulting: coriwong.com/consulting

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