Ep. 10 What Plants Teach Us About Life with Monet Izquierdo

Meet Flora, Learn about Plants and Immerse yourself in the Magic that is Monet Izquierdo. 

Monet is the co-founder of Plant La Vie, a Tampa plant nursery which features “Flora”- Tampa’s first mobile plant shop. It’s part walk-in plant shop and mobile greenhouse, and is a retro, groovy and plant-loving camper. Monet and Matt take Flora all over Tampa to pop up at events and markets. They truly love plants and believe there is a language to taking care of each individual plant spirit. They’ve found a unique relationship between themselves and all their plants and they love sharing this with the community. The company officially launched in 2021 and is already very successful!

Monet is also a cycle and Pilates instructor at CAMP Tampa. She has generated a large following and is known for her positive affirmations and ability to make any room magical.

Contact Her:

Instagram:  @monetiz and @plantelavienursery

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