Your board is an essential component of your nonprofit and provides much-needed guidance and insight. However, mistakes in governance are serious and could end up harming your organization. From failing to fully understand the tax legislation and rules that a nonprofit must follow, to airing board grievances and divisions outside of the boardroom, there are major mistakes to avoid.

On the other hand, high quality governance done right has the ability to truly accelerate your impact. The InPursuit Team offers a variety of custom offerings to help cultivate the meaningful experiences for both Board members and the organizations they serve.

Examples of Board Development Services include:

  • Board Development Workshops. In these workshops, we review various models of nonprofit governance, industry trends and best practices, ways to overcome pitfalls and  challenges, as well as individualized ways to use Board member talents on behalf of the organization.
  • Board Onboarding Materials Creation or Update.  Whether you need a full Board onboarding created or just an update to an existing process, the InPursuit Team can assist in making the first interaction between you and your board the best interaction.
  • Board Strategic Plans. Similar to a full organizational strategic plan, we use a multi-step process to set Board specific priorities and then create a roadmap for Board members to follow to bring those goals to fruition.
  • Customized Training. We are available to design custom half or full-day training sessions to overcome a specific board challenge or to simply bring your board from mediocre to world-class.