An education advisor can serve as a value-added strategic partner for an organization. Delivering both valuable expertise and perspective, as well as direct links to partners and potential clients. Although all engagements are customized to the unique client need, all client engagements begin with a formal project kick off.

Project Kick Off

  • Confirm project logistics: Including but not limited to list of key internal stakeholders, cadence and format of communication, desired presentations, overarching goals and success metrics.
  • Environmental Scan: review of existing data, programs, collateral, etc.
  • Interview key stakeholders critical to understanding the project’s spherical nature
  • Work with the organization to understand or co-develop appropriate messaging and articulation of the brand story
  • Regular cadence of communication in mutually agreed format
  • Monthly formal report of activities

Potential Services:

  • Interviews, connections and first hand research on the regional or national education environment.
  • Competitive analysis of the programs, marketing efforts, and partnerships being advertised by current education advisors in the area.
  • Connections/Virtual Introductions to decision makers in the relevant education space.
  • Connections/Virtual Introductions to decision makers in the relevant corporate space.
  • Connections/Virtual Introductions to other education leaders, policy makers or industry influencers for longer term ecosystem objectives.
  • Attendance/participation in strategic conversations with stakeholders as necessary/appropriate.
  • Strategic promotion opportunities in my networks to include written articles and podcasts.