Do you ever feel like you have done everything you were supposed to do, checked all the boxes, and yet still feel something is not quite right? Perhaps you are living just outside your purpose.

Explore your personal career and purpose alignment journey working with Dr. Hicks in weekly private sessions.

Utilizing her custom 3E Method to Change©, Dr. Hicks will guide you to explore the external pressures and internal assumptions that have led you to your current career. Then together you will use those reflections to craft a new career or life roadmap, perfectly aligned with who you were designed to be.

Dr. Hicks serves as your flashlight and mirror: Shining a light on your future and reflecting on all that is already within you.

Mountains are built from one pebble.
Oceans are formed from one drop.
Fires are lit from one spark.
What is your one step?
Take it.
Together we are Becoming Congruent.

1:1 Coaching Packages
Beginning Change Package
New Path Bundle

Combine the power of one on one coaching with do it yourself online classes for the most powerful change combination. 

This bundle includes:

Transformation Bundle

Make a powerful investment in your Future self with a year of coaching, online courses, and personalize unlimited connection via Voxer. 

This bundle includes: