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Ep. 7 Mixing Leadership & Technology for the Greatest Impact – Dr. Jerry Luftman

Join my conversation with Dr. Jerry Luftman, CEO and Founder of the Global Institute for IT Management, as we discuss how IT and non-IT leaders are coming together to utilize technology for greater return on investment and greater impact. 

Ep. 3 Art as a Business and Why Green is Mandatory with Megan Gonyo

Megan Gonyo is the creator of Palette Champagne, the brand behind her art. Although she is a skilled executive in the higher education and software fields, 2020 inspired her own movement in pursuit her true …

Ep. 6 Bringing Plants Back from the Dead and the Power of Equanimity with Amy Valentine

Social rabble rouser, turnaround strategist and fighter of the status quo in K-12 education, Amy Valentine, Executive Director of Future of Schools dives deep into the power of learning and of failure.  Connect with Amy …

Ep. 2 Closed Doors & Being the Leader You Want To Be with Maria Indenbosch

Mariagrazia Indenbosch, Founder of Humanity Del Sol and Humanity Wine Co. chats with us about her story of meaning. After having her heart won over by a group of orphans, Maria made it her life’s …

Ep. 5 Reframing Connections, Inspiring Students with Amy Sanchez-Martinez

An award winning Assistant Principal and Educator, Amy and I explore fulfilling student’s basic needs, connecting with the broader community and how equity begins with all of us. 

Ep. 3: Starting Early; Early Education in Society with Dr. Maureen O’Neil

Dr. Maureen O’Neil discusses all things Early Education. Of particular note the pay differential between teachers and the research supporting early education’s role in future societal success. 

Ep. 1: Community Colleges: The Ellis Island of Education with Dr. Angela Long

A delightful discussion on the value and challenges of the Community College system in America. We dive into topics as complex as Dr. Long’s research on racial inequities and highlight big wins such as the …