InPursuit Research Institute is focused on educating nonprofits, board members, small businesses, and entrepreneurs about the value of social enterprise and other forms of blended value. Our goal is to help organizations have real world social impact without detracting from their mission.

Properly designed and implemented, a blended value strategy is a proactive process of envisioning the future and developing the necessary strategic actions to bring that vision to fruition.

Most importantly, incorporating a blended value proposition into your organization will define your organization’s future direction and impact strategy. This will in turn affect decisions on allocating resources, including capital and people to achieve winning outcomes.

Our InPursuit team will work with your organization to connect goals, strategies, performance measures, and existing strategic plans to an overall blended value resource allocation plan. Organizations that link these elements through a strategic planning process are much more likely to achieve identified goals and enhance their overall organizational effectiveness.

Each of our strategy and training packages are crafted on a case by case basis to best customize to your needs. Let us work up an individualized plan best suited for your organization or situation.

All Plans include an initial project kick off and needs assessment and then a clear roadmap to achieve your goals. No ambiguity is left on the table and no obstacle is too big to overcome.

  • Where are we now?
  • Where are we heading?
  • What forces/factors are we being impacted by now and in the future?

Our constituents are nonprofit organizations looking to diversify their income streams as well as small to mid-sized businesses needing help to navigate the blended value model. We add value by offering expertise in the area of blended value as well as hands on consulting. We seek to break the chains of traditional philanthropic funding dependency and spark innovation in impact.

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